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Automatically identify your DNA cousins and extend your family tree

with the next generation of DNA genealogy tools

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A DNA test kit is required. If you haven't done so please purchase one either from Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), Ancestry DNA or 23andMe (*). how it works image

Feature Comparison

Guest account Free plan(8) Paid plan Coming soon
DNA tests
One single account for 23andMe(1)
One single account across one or more DNA testing companies - eg. 23andMe(1), Ancestry etc.
unlimited accounts for a single DNA testing company - eg. 23andMe(1)
unlimited accounts across different DNA testing companies - eg. 23andMe(1), FTDNA and Ancestry in development
Matches, segment and ethnicity(2) data
Import your matches and matching segment data(3)
Import your ethnicity data(2)
Manual update of new matches & matching segment data once a month
Automatic (scheduled weekly) import of your matches & matching segment data(4)
Manual mode - follow our instructions and simply copy & paste the right data (for the chosen, single DNA test)
Automatic mode - just click and we do the rest for you (for all DNA tests)
Raw DNA data
Import of raw DNA data (your A, C, G and T’s) - eg. from 23andMe(1)
Find additional DNA matches with our proprietary algorithm - for your select DNA test in development
Find additional DNA matches with our proprietary algorithm - for all your DNA tests in development
Automatically identify smaller DNA matching segments within a triangulated group(5) in development
Family trees
Import of family trees via GEDCOM or FamilySearch and manually update/add to any family tree within your triangulated groups more sources to come
Import of family trees from Ancestry, GEDmatch, MyHeritage, Geni via "Pedigree Thief(9) more sources to come
Automatically identifying the most recent or common ancestor(6)
Automatically identifying potential matches from your DNA cousins trees, powered by Artificial Intelligence algorithms(7)
Collaboration with your DNA cousins
You only get access to those triangulated groups (TG) discussion forums that you were invited to
For each triangulated group (TG) you get a private discussion forum - to discuss from which ancestors you all inherited that ancestral DNA segment
Detailed matching segment view for each TG
Info about your DNA cousins in the TG, private notes etc.
World map showing locations of the ancestors in the TG
More features
All your work is organized by DNA tests and in cards which hold all relevant information - No more spreadsheets!
Overview of all your triangulated groups per DNA test, filtered by chromosome or see them all at once
Your data is securely stored in the cloud and backed up regularly
A chromosome map (automatically build) to show you which ancestral piece of DNA was inherited from which ancestor (parent, grandparent, etc.)
Hints about surnames of your matches that two or more people share (based on in-common-with relationships)
Hints about locations where your and your DNA cousins ancestors have been in the same area (within a certain distance) during overlapping time periods in development
Automatic creation of your family tree for your close family members (based on DNA matching information) in development

(1) Currently we’re only working with 23andMe test results but more DNA testing companies will be added soon

(2) Refers to 23andMe’s ethnicity prediction per chromosome & segments

(3) No matching segment data is currently offered by Ancestry

(4) Users on paid plans can update their data anytime and also use older, saved versions (eg. to include matches that are now no longer shown - search for 23andMe's 2000 matches restriction for more info)

(5) Sometimes matches cover only the start or end of an ancestral segment and they aren't detected as matches due to the DNA testing companies minimum threshold criteria

(6) The most recent or common ancestor is automatically displayed in the chromosome map as well

(7) No more worries about differently spelled names or different locations/dates

(8) Not available at launch - will be added at a later time

(9) Import of the Ahnentafel file via Chrome extension "Pedigree Thief". Functionality of the "Pedigree Thief" cannot be guaranteed as it's an independent 3rd party app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we and why are doing this?

My name is Andreas West ( see more about me here)

I started programming this web app because I was frustrated with the other solutions on the market. I have very little free time for my hobby DNA genealogy and I want to leave the boring, repetitive work to computers whilst focusing to work with my DNA cousins on identifying our common ancestor.

I also want to make it a lot easier for everyone to get benefits from their DNA test, without the need for a PhD in Biology or years of studying this complicated topic. I hope I will succeed in this mission.

Why can't I participate yet in the beta?

We got more than 500 interested genealogists that signed up for early access and will help us with their data and unique use cases, as well as their feedback to make this one of the best apps for DNA genealogy. If you signed up and haven't received your personal invite yet then please give us a little more time until it's your turn.

Is this app for free?

Yes, the app has a free version which allows you to do triangulation, communicate with your DNA cousins in closed, private groups (your email is never revealed) and in general keep your matches, segment data and TG's neatly organized and always accessible (as long as have internet access) no matter where you are.

There will be premium features though for more advanced genealogists that will help cover the operations and development cost.

I can't find any link to the terms & conditions?

You will find the terms & conditions as well as the privacy statement when you sign up.

It's not possible to use our application without agreeing to them and other legal disclaimer.

BTW, your uploaded data remains your data and can be deleted on request. Your email is never shown and won't be sold. It's only used for identification and to notify you about important events, eg. new matches or a new post in your private DNA cousin groups.

Is this app for autosomal, mtDNA, and/or Y-DNA?

Right now we're focusing on autosomal DNA for the launch, as this is where we can help most people.

Can I upload Y-DNA / mtDNA data in addition to atDNA?

Right now no upload for Y-DNA or mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is planned. As we further develop the app it might make sense to combine autosomal DNA (atDNA) with Y-DNA or utilize the Y-DNA that some testing companies provide.