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I have just gone back in and have opened my TG. I am completely blown away by the way it is and can immediately see a surname which is where I think we connect. I have been looking for many years for my birth father as I was adopted at three months old. I had no idea that it would be as good as this. It’s amazing! You are a star to have devised such an awesome DNA tool.

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Angela Townsend, UK

Today I solved a large triangulated group on my X chromosome, with the help of your DNA family. Before, I knew which of my great-grandparents had given me this segment, now I know its two more generations back, and have identified 3 new distant cousins.

The way your DNA family collects the information by triangulated group (TG) is really helpful, and clearly presented. You can see which are the strongest and most promising matches. Seeing the ancestral surnames connected to each TG is particularly useful. If I see a match with 4 surnames, those are probably their grandparents. I can often pick them up in a census or obituary, and trace back till they connect with my ancestors.

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Paul Rakow, UK is a wonderful application that has helped drive my research. I love how the app does all the heavy lifting of organizing all the data I need into Triangulation groups, so that I can focus on the fun part of figuring out how cousins connect into my ever expanding family tree.

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Tony Allegra, Los Angeles, California

I enjoy working with YourDNA.Family because it allows me to focus on my genealogical research while the program automates repetitive functions that would otherwise take months to accomplish!

It has helped me to confirm cousins on my paternal and maternal sides, ending the guess work that has puzzled me for years!

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Ricardo Roffiel, Canada

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Feature Comparison

Guest accountPaid planComing soon
DNA tests
One single account for 23andMe(1)
unlimited accounts for a single DNA testing company - eg. 23andMe(1)
unlimited accounts across different DNA testing companies - eg. 23andMe(1), FTDNA, Ancestry and MyHeritagein development
Matches, segment and ethnicity(2) data
Import your matches and matching segment data(3)
Import your ethnicity data(2)
Weekly import of your matches & matching segment data(4)
Automatic mode - just click and we do the rest for you (for all DNA tests)
Raw DNA data
Import raw DNA data (your A, C, G and T’s) - eg. from 23andMe(1)
Find additional DNA matches with our proprietary algorithm - for all your DNA testsin development
Automatically identify smaller DNA matching segments within a triangulated group(5)in development
Family trees
Import family trees via GEDCOM or FamilySearch and manually update/add to any family tree within your triangulated groupsmore sources to come
Import family trees from GEDmatch, MyHeritage, Geni via "Pedigree Thief(9)more sources to come
Automatically identifying the most recent or common ancestor(6)
Automatically identifying potential matches from your DNA cousins trees, powered by Artificial Intelligence algorithms(7)
Collaboration with your DNA cousins
You only get access to those triangulated groups (TG) discussion forums that you were invited to
For each triangulated group (TG) you get a private discussion forum - to discuss from which ancestors you all inherited that ancestral DNA segment
Detailed matching segment view for each TG
Info about your DNA cousins in the TG, private notes etc.
World map showing locations of the ancestors in the TG
More features
All your work is organized by DNA tests and in cards which hold all relevant information - No more spreadsheets!
Overview of all your triangulated groups per DNA test, filtered by chromosome or see them all at once
Your data is securely stored in the cloud and backed up regularly
A chromosome map (automatically build) to show you which ancestral piece of DNA was inherited from which ancestor (parent, grandparent, etc.)
Hints about surnames of your matches that two or more people share (based on in-common-with relationships)
A network graph showing who is related to whom in the triangulated group, indicating the relationship by distance
Hints about locations where your and your DNA cousins ancestors have been in the same area (within a certain distance) during overlapping time periodsin development
Automatic creation of your family tree for your close family members (based on DNA matching information)in development

(1) Currently we’re only working with 23andMe test results but more DNA testing companies will be added soon

(2) Refers to 23andMe’s ethnicity prediction per chromosome & segments

(3) No matching segment data is currently offered by Ancestry

(4) Users on paid plans can update their data anytime and also use older, saved versions (eg. to include matches that are now no longer shown - search for 23andMe's 2000 matches restriction for more info)

(5) Sometimes matches cover only the start or end of an ancestral segment and they aren't detected as matches due to the DNA testing companies minimum threshold criteria

(6) The most recent or common ancestor is automatically displayed in the chromosome map as well

(7) No more worries about differently spelled names or different locations/dates

(8) Not available at launch - might be added at a later time (features are subject to change)

(9) Import of the Ahnentafel file via Chrome extension "Pedigree Thief". Functionality of the "Pedigree Thief" cannot be guaranteed as it's an independent 3rd party app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we and why are we doing this?

My name is Andreas West, the founder of (more about me here).

I started programming this web app as I was frustrated with the other solutions on the market and had very little free time to work on my hobby, DNA genealogy. I want to leave the boring, repetitive work to computers and instead focus my time on working with my DNA cousins to identify our common ancestors.

I also want to make it a lot easier for everyone to maximize the benefits from their DNA test, without the need for a PhD in Biology or years of studying this complicated topic. With your support, I hope I will succeed in this mission.

Is there a free version of the app?

Firstly, you can try our app for free for a limited period (with all the paid features).

There is also a free "guest" account. It's for those who wish to only contact their DNA cousins in a private group (you don't disclose your email address), create family trees for identifying the common ancestor, and discover matching surnames/locations for the triangulation groups they were invited to.

A free "guest" account is only available to those who receive an invitation from a DNA cousin with an active subscription.

Our subscription plans include many more features that cover the cost of operations and development.

Where can I find the terms & conditions/ policies?

You will find the terms & conditions as well as our privacy policy at the bottom of every page.

It's not possible to use our application without agreeing to them and other legal disclaimers.

Importantly, your uploaded data remains your data and can be deleted on your request. Your email is never shown and won't be sold. It's only used for identification and to notify you about important events, e.g. new matches or a new post in your private DNA cousin groups.

Is this app for autosomal DNA (atDNA), mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), and/or Y-DNA?

Our app is only focusing on atDNA for our launch as we believe that this is where we can help the most people.

Where will my DNA data be stored?

All our data is stored with the leading cloud provider in their US data center. So both the storage and compute is done on US soil despite the holding company of "Your DNA family" being incorporated in Singapore.

Fun fact, did you know that the Singapore Government holds 25% of through their sovereign wealth fund GIC?

Do you have a link to the Data Privacy law in Singapore?

Yes, you can learn more about learn more about the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) here! The PDPA protects the collection, use, disclosure, and care of personal data in Singapore.