Top 100 MRCA Scoreboard

How It works
1Michele Cragg1260
2Jill Schell1131
3K Williams979
4Terry Fitzgerald719
5James Smith678
6Max Gerald Heffler637
7Paul Rakow624
8Ruth Laverne Cattles564
9Samuel Boylan339
10Tony Allegra314
11Erik Granstrom287
12Douglas Husemann279
13Andreas West254
14Evelyn Vinson228
15Kenneth Louis Jordan Jr208
16Peggy Jude205
17Rodney Merrill203
18Deborah Dixon Walker202
19Tony Norris197
20Joseph Lawrence183
21Pamela E Culy177
22Angela Townsend157
23Steven Coker156
24Marjorie Anderson131
25Ricardo Roffiel127
26Veronica Williams124
27James Arnold121
Angel Tai121
29John Roberts115
30Robin Babou112
31Christy Jordan-Frank100
32Lynne Williamson92
33Mike Alexander66
34Carrie Loranger63
35David Cheney Conroyd61
Robert Warthen61
37Tim Janzen59
38Lisa Marley55
39P Donley53
Christine Diaz53
41Chase Clift48
42Pam Pennington43
43Jane Chapman36
44Marion Boyd32
Stephanie Payne32
46William Harvey31
47Shari Jamieson30
48Sandra Wilson21
50Lynda Crackett19
51Zachary Kiyak18
52Vernon Smith15
53Lisa L.14
54Robert Ralston12
Bryanna Hines12
56Patrick Callaghan11
57Elisabeth Oosterink10
58Angie Kennedy9
Anneli Ighil9
60Anna Castle-Byrne7
Irwin Goldberg7
62Loretta Reich Rippee6
Gail Wilson6
Carrol Fish6
65Anthony Cassidy5
66Karin Betts4
William Canavan4
68James MacDonald3
Jarod Perry (Winters)3
Michael Echter3
Toni Vitale3
Melinda Culpon3
Shawn Heyse3
74Betty Graham2
Arianna Day-Clevenger2
Linda Merckx2
Joanna Douglas2
78Vanessa Ebert1
Sigurður Eysteinsson1
John Matthews1
William Walton1
jaden turnley1
Steve Gent1
michelle Bordonaro1
James Marx1
Mel Green1
Luiz Henrique Santana Souza1
Ken Waters1

Here's how "Common Ancestor Points" work:

* Identify each Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) between two of your DNA matches or between a DNA match and yourself. The MRCA is the person or couple through whom two DNA matches (or you and a DNA match) are related.


- In a parent/child relationship, the parent is the MRCA as the DNA to the child came through the parent. This is the easiest MRCA to identify.

- For full siblings, the MRCAs are the parents. For half-siblings, the MRCA is the parent from whom all half-siblings are descending.

- For 1st cousins, the MRCA is the grandparent couple from whom both cousins are descending. For 2nd cousins, it's the great-grandparent couple, and so on.

When we identify MRCAs for DNA matches in a triangulated group (TG), we know that the DNA has been inherited through the MRCA (single person), or for MRCA couples, we know that the DNA has come through one of them. As we add more MRCAs, we're collecting more evidence that the DNA was indeed inherited along this path and not any other possible path (especially important in endogamous relationships).

The "Common Ancestor Points" are calculated as follows:

For each DNA kit under your user profile, we identify all TGs with an assigned MRCA and give one point for each.


You have 2 DNA kits under your user profile, and they have 17 TGs with 28 MRCAs assigned to them. The CAP will be 28 in this case.

Remember, if both DNA kits are in a TG together, we won't double count this TG. Also, there are more MRCAs than TGs as we haven't identified how all MRCAs in the TGs are related to each other.

Lastly, it's crucial to research the ancestors of ALL DNA matches in a TG! Every DNA match in a TG has inherited the same ancestral piece of DNA from an unknown common ancestor. By identifying MRCAs, we're collecting evidence as to who this common ancestor might have been.